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JULY 2009
JULY 2009 continued to be extremely hot with temperatures running in the 100's nearly every day. The Ministry was challenged beyond anything we've ever done before in that we hosted over 200 people at one time! No we don't have that many beds, but there was adequate floor space and everyone was very gracious and thankful to have a place to stay. We had one group of over 150 and another of over 50; both of them grew beyond what their original group size was expected to be and that's how we were so impacted. It was wonderful to see the way the Lord provided for each group to have their own space without intruding on each other. All of our facilities were used to the max both inside and out. We were truly blessed to be able to serve the body of Christ in this way.

We also had many missionary visits as they traveled back and forth across the border. A great number of the missionaries consider this place "home" and we always try to have space for them as they have always been the first thrust of this Ministry. Missionaries that stayed in July: Curby, Luepnitz, Driscoll, Jones, Baas, Hopkins, Saenz, Cody, Marshall, Gertsch, Sosa, Lemus, Mazariego, Navarro, Spurling, Hosken, Carpenter, Bennett, Morris, Howard, Houston, Herrin, Baeza/Launchbury, Yapur, Godwin, and Conlon.

Churches that stayed either came as a mission team or locally had a retreat here. Churches in July: Templo Emanuel, Mission, TX; Lighthouse Christian Discipleship, Brownsville, TX; First Baptist Church of Georgetown, TX; Winter Park Baptist Church, Wilmington, NC; Sugar Land First United Methodist Church, TX; Cypress Family Fellowship, Houston, TX; Blue Ridge Bible Church, Kansas City, MO.

Organizations that stayed in July: Mennonite Brethren Mission Service, Int'l (SOAR South Texas 2009); Harvest Evangelism, Opelika, AL,; His Grace Ministries, Inc., La Vernia, TX; Buckner Children & Family Services, Mission, TX,

In all that we do we continue to endeavor to serve "First Class" as put forth by our founder, Neal Dorsch. The Lord has blessed us.
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