Neal M. Dorsch Information & Helps Ministries, Inc.

Ministry Directors


 Terry and Susan Brown arrived here at the beginning of 2016 from Rapid  City, South Dakota. Terry is a nephew of the late Audrey Dorsch. They are  now the Directors of Ministry Operations and are available by phone and  email to receive your requests for lodging. Also, they are responsible for  the  overall operations of the facilities. They have been residing in one of  the  units on site and are now nearly ready to move into a brand new unit  that is  being built for them. Terry and Susan love the Lord and people and  will  gladly attempt to satisfy whatever your needs may be for your group  lodging  as well as for missionaries and RV’s.

 Phone: 956.580.3101



Dave and Sharon Sachs continue to serve the Ministry, but now are
Directors of Ministry Outreach. Their new position will give them
freedom to travel and visit churches and missionaries whom have been served here as well as the possibilities for many new contacts. This will help us to continue to be a “Hub” for ministry in the RGV that has long been a desire for us. They are still residing in their 5th wheel trailer, but are planning on building a small home here at the Ministry location later this year. Their precious dog, Tucker, was laid to rest 
in front of the flagpole February 2, 2017. They can be reached by phone and email.

Phone: 956.566.9577 (Sharon); 209.256.0739 (Dave)

John and Darlene Surkan are long time Winter Texans who have  their  home in Saskatchewan, Canada, but their hearts are solidly  linked to  the Ministry and the Hispanic community here in the  RGV.  They are  now  Directors of Ministry Projects. They have been  assisting ministry  groups with their projects by making  connections  with authorities as  well as  securing materials for  building projects.  Darlene speaks  Spanish and helps the teams  communicate with the families that are  recipients of the help  that  is provided through the teams. They are  here at Melody Lane living  in their motor home  from the beginning of  December until the end  of March. They also can be reached by phone  and email.  
                                                                        Phone:  956.566.9564 (John); 306.535.6868 (Darlene)                                         

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