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SEPTEMBER 2009 gives us an opportunity to update some of the facets of this Ministry. Did you know that there is a food bank supported by the Ministry that operates out of our old location with Neal and Audrey Dorsch facilitating it's operation to meet the needs of over 50 families? This food bank has been in operation for over 20 years and the need has increased in these tough economic times. It is an emergency food bank that also includes veterans.

We have had many missionaries stay with us this month and many of them have been out traveling around to their supporters for several months. They come back here and say that this feels like "home". What a privilege to serve these wonderful servants of the Lord. These are the missionary families that stayed with us this month: West, Jones, Johnson, Olson, Omland, Navarro, Curby, Craig, Ladd, Rodriguez, Tanner, Schierkolk, Mazariego, Marsh, Aguilar, Houston, Saenz, and Hernandez.

The Saenz family was here as Alfonso Saenz became a United States citizen; congratulations to he and his family.

Churches that were here: Templo Emanuel, Mission, TX; Christ Community Church, Adkins, TX; Gateway Baptist Church, Spring, TX.

Organizations: His Grace Ministries, Inc., LaVernia, TX; Today's Ministries, Inc., Compobello, SC; and Christian Medical & Dental Association, San Antonio, TX.

The medical and dental team came with about 100 persons for one night; they included doctors, dentists, and medical students. They were connected with Buckner and served at three different colonias in the valley where they set up clinics and ministered to over 275 in that one day. We visited the one site in Penitas that is about 25 minutes away and the pictures below show their arrival here and their work at Penitas Community Center that is managed by five Catholic sisters (ICM Missionary Sisters).

God is still moving in the lives of people!

Christian Medical & Dental Association 
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