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You may be wondering what is a "Texas Colonia" (Spanish term for a residential neighborhood) and how can your ministry be involved. There are some resources available to help you be well informed on the subject and they can be found on the internet. A quick access that will give Colonia FAQs is:  The States of Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas set aside land for colonias under the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974. As in most searches on the internet, there are other sites that will give you a lot more information. Texas has over 2,000 individual colonias.

Melody Lane Christian Renewal Center has been hosting groups that have assisted the residents in some local colonia projects such as building homes or adding onto a preexisting structure or remodeling one. Many groups work with various churches and organizations, but there are some that have asked the Ministry to assist them.

Our involvement began a few years ago when a house burned down belonging to a family of 12. Many people were involved with the rebuilding and as a result they became the recipient of a new home. That incident began new relationships with the La Joya School District, as well as local pastors and individuals who began requesting help because of inadequate housing for their students,  families or others. The Ministry is still growing in this area of serving, but during the winter season we have people who are well equipped to search out projects for a ministry team as well as to secure the building materials and have them on site in advance of their arrival.

In an effort to help facilitate groups we have housing plans that we now have on this website that will be able to be used for construction purposes if that is what the Lord leads you do do. There is also a materials list with projected costs for each stage of construction. We have found that most groups are not able to complete a project with one trip, but there might be another group that will follow up. Some groups will just come back the following year to finish their project. 

Please also look at our Ministry Resources page for other contacts.

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