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BORN 9.25.05 - LAS VEGAS, NV


As you can see from the pictures above, we lost our precious Tucker! We miss him terribly, but are so very thankful that we had him in our lives for over eleven years. He was truly a blessing and a wonderful companion that we had no idea we needed before he became such a magnificent part of our lives. He's buried in front of the flagpole at Melody Lane and the Amaryllis flowers will fill in to make it a beautiful site to enjoy. Dave and Sharon were a little extravagant with the flag pole and marker, but his impact to our lives cannot be measured. 

Below is the original page designated for him so he would be identified by anyone who came to Melody Lane.

If that was all you knew about Tucker (heading above) would you still love him? He doesn't need to know anything about you and he'll love you; in fact he thinks that is his mission in life. He rarely barks and he doesn't jump on anyone either. Tucker loves to lean on you though and he weighs between 75-80 pounds so be careful.

We thought you might like to know a little more about him as he's become a real fixture around here or even our mascot! Here are some of his commands:

"How Do" means shake and he will lift his right paw.
"Giddy Up" means go do your business.
"Tucker Go" means he should leave you alone and go somewhere else.
"Tucker Sit" means he should sit.

Commands should be given with a firmness and say his name first.

We've had Tucker since he was six or seven weeks old as he was born to our daughter's dog "Molly". He is our "never" dog as we had decided we would never have another dog, but God had other plans. We lived in northern California at the time and our daughter had friends in Reno, NV who were visiting her so they took Tucker to Reno and we drove over there and got him. He is named for a character in the book Pretense by Lori Wick.

Tucker got very ill when he was just a puppy and almost died and ever since then we have prayed over him every time he eats. Our routine is that he sits and does "How Do" and then we lay our hands on his head and pray. He sits there until we say amen and then he eats. We want him to live a long and healthy life and to show love that comes from God; he does that pretty good.

When we first started serving here at Melody Lane we tried to get Tucker to ride in the golf cart. It took forever to get him on as he would get in on one side and walk off the other only to do it again and again. When we finally started the cart to move he jumped right off as he was scared. After many, many tries he finally got on and stayed, but he was facing the rear. Eventually after many days he got the hang of it and was able to turn himself around so he could see where he was going instead of where he'd been. Now he loves to get on the cart and most people see him on Dave's cart as the joy in his life is to go to work with him or hang out with him whenever possible. If it gets too hot though then he goes inside our trailer and sits under the air conditioning.

A vacuum cleaner is scary for him and he'll run into our bedroom when it gets turned on and then back down when the vacuum goes up to the bedroom. He's very funny, but if you hold him he doesn't mind if you vacuum him! The worse issue with Tucker is that he sheds so much and shakes so that there is always need for the vacuum to be run.

He sleeps on our bedroom floor on Sharon's side which doesn't leave any room for getting out of bed in the middle of the night as you have to be careful not to step on him.

Water is not something Tucker likes as he has forgotten that it's fun to swim; he has only been twice. He does get a bath once a month though, but he needs coaxing and pushing to get him into his tub. Once he's in he's fine and sits there until his bath is done.

Tucker will chase cats and rabbits, but he never catches any. He howls when a firetruck goes by as it must hurt his ears.

We spoil Tucker oftentimes by letting him lick an ice cream bowl or a yogurt cup. He also gets a dog biscuit nearly every day and that is a game as well as Dave will hide it in his hand and Tucker has to figure out where it is and paw for it. He's very smart if we have to say so ourselves. There are many times we'll take him in the car with us so he gets used to seeing other things besides home.

You'll find that Tucker is available for walking and will even pass up his dinner to do so! He loves people more than food. 

We consider Tucker to be a gift from God to us and we needed him in our lives. While he was leaning into me one day the Lord spoke to my heart that He wished I would lean into Him like Tucker leans into me. Every time Tucker leans into me I'm reminded of that.

Below are some pictures that we've taken of Tucker, but we know that many who have stayed here have him in their photo albums as well. Enjoy and be sure to greet Tucker during your next stay at Melody Lane.

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